Throw Like A Girl - Hawaii 2020

First Women's Global Event in Hawaii

Custom Sponsorship

Our Mission

To empower women to recreate what it is that they can be, do, and achieve within our sport of Disc Golf and life.

The purpose of the 'Throw Like A Girl' tournament is to provide Women and Girls in Hawaii of all ages an opportunity to experience a new sport. This tournament will be a way for women of all ages to engage, connect, and share experiences with other amazing women within our sport. From Touring Professionals to Club Leaders and Entrepreneurs. 

Our vision is that this tournament will inspire a generation of Hawaiian girls to feel empowered to recreate what is is that they can be, do and achieve in their own lives. First by changing the perception of what it means to Throw Like A Girl. 

Women's Global event 2020 


Throw Like A Girl will hosted in May 2020 during the Professional Disc Golf Association's (PDGA) - Women's Global Event (WGE). PDGA Women's Global Event is a biennial women's disc golf tournament consisting of smaller events simultaneously being run around the world and now also in Hawaii!

"This is a virtual way to produce the largest women’s tournament in the world. This biannual event continues to grow in popularity each year and its numbers prove that it’s a successful way to get ladies out playing disc golf!" - PDGA

Women from all around the world will play two rounds of disc golf during their local global event. The scores for the two rounds will be submitted and rated by the PDGA. The round ratings will be added to determine the player's "Global Score."

 The Global Scores will be updated and ranked throughout the day to find our overall Women’s Global Event Champions. The overall Global winner in each division will receive a memorable trophy. - WGE Facebook​.

Outdoor Enthusiasts 
Health Conscious
Community Members
Brand Loyal

Target Audience

Our target audience for 'Throw Like A Girl' are female disc golfers from the mainland between the ages of 25-39. They have an average Household income between $35,000-$70,000 making 85% of household purchasing decisions. They are social outdoor enthusiasts and involved within their community. They are brand loyal and supportive of companies that align with Women Empowerment. They will be traveling as group of women or with their significant partner. 

85% From the Mainland​
Primarily: California, Oregon, Texas
70% Club Members
Participate in their local Disc Golf Clubs
13% Professional
Compete Professionally
33% Recreational
New to Disc Golf
39% Friend
Introduced to sport by a friend.
80% Play Disc Golf
At least 2+ times per week!
80% Compete
Compete in Disc Golf Tournaments
23% Advanced
Experienced Disc Golfers
35% Casual Rounds
Prefer playing Disc Golf casually
51% Instagram
Prefer Instagram for their Disc Golf News
76% PDGA Members
Active PDGA Members
64% Women's Only
Compete in Women Only Tournaments
29% Intermediate
New to the competitive side of Disc Golf
41% Significant Other
Introduced to sport by Siginifcant Other


Active PDGA Female 
Disc Golfers


$35k - $70k


Make 85% of purchasing decisions
Household Income
Average Targeted
Competitor Age


Reach Your Target Audience! Become a SPONSOR of Throw Like A Girl - Hawaii! 

We are seeking Your sponsorship to help put on the best Women's Only tournament ever seen! More importantly we are seeking to partner with businesses that align with our mission of Empowering Women and that will in turn also benefit from being a part of Throw Like A Girl!  We want to work with you to create a Custom Sponsorship package that will meet your marketing and sales goals. 

Let's Create an



Activation Examples


Staying hydrated during any sport is important! Especially in the heat of competition and the humidity of Hawaii! Sponsor our Hydration Stations and Empower our competitors to Throw Like A Girl! 


Many of our competitors will be traveling form the mainland and will be making memories that they wont want to forget! Sponsor our charging station and ensure our competitors are able to snap all the memories they need to remember to be proud to Throw Like A Girl. 

PRIMARY CONTACT: Alexsandra Chavez - - (808) 747-3169



Get your products into your target audiences hands! Become a SPONSOR of Throw Like A Girl - Hawaii! 

We are so excited that you are interested in sending In-Kind sponsorship for our competitors to feel supported and Empowered to Throw Like A Girl! Please keep in mind that many of our competitors will be traveling by air and would benefit from not having overloaded luggage! 

In-Kind Sponsorships will be used as Early Registration Incentives, Players Pack items, Tournament Prizes, Tournament Awards, Volunteer Prizes and any other way we can think of to improve our attendees experience!

PRIMARY CONTACT: Alexsandra Chavez - - (808) 747-3169



Its often the smallest acts that make the biggest IMPACT. Become a SPONSOR of Throw Like A Girl - Hawaii! 

We are seeking your Sponsorship to help put on the best Women's Only tournament Hawaii has ever seen! All the money raised will be used in benefit of the competitors. If we want to bring in Strong Female Role Models we need to also respect their need for a Professional Level Purse. 

Contact us if you would like to discuss other ways you can Sponsor 'Throw Like A Girl!

PRIMARY CONTACT: Alexsandra Chavez - - (808) 747-3169



A portion of proceeds goes towards our Women's Global Event 2020 on the Big Island of Hawaii!



Big Island, Hawaii

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