Disc Golf?

Outdoor Sport


Disc golf is played outdoors in the fresh air. Typically located in local and state parks! 

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Disc golf is a fun way to get your daily steps in! A round of disc golf can burn 400-600 calories. 

Non-Contact Sport

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Disc Golf can be played alone or as a group and does not require any physical contact with others. 

Mental Health

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Disc Golf provides an excellent outlet for reducing stress. It also helps develop confidence and patience. 

All Ages

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Disc Golf can be enjoyed at any age! In fact, there are even age protected divisions.

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Disc Golf renews appreciation for the environment. 'Leave No Trace' is a motto disc golfers strive to achieve on any course we play on!

Low Cost

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Disc Golf, unlike golf, only requires 1 disc to play. Discs average in cost between $10-$15. Most courses are free to play! 



Create bonds of unity and friendish with like-minded individuals, both locally and online! Disc Golfers are all over the world.