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Disc Golf Tournament Sponsorship Program

Hosting a tournament, putting league, fundraiser or clinic can be challenging. We are here to ensure you #EnjoyTheChallenge! By providing you resources and support along the way. At MPWRD Disc Golf we want to empower you to accomplish your event goals by providing you and your event with women focused sponsorship opportunities, disc golf products and services.

MPWRD Event Sponsorship Program qualifies events that complete an 'MPWRD Bundle' order. These events are eligible to receive Sponsorship Rewards to be used to order 'Bonus MPWRD' products at no extra cost. MPWRD issues rewards based on the size of the order.


Redeem your rewards for bonus products only available for purchase with Sponsorship Rewards. Available items include stencils, decals, iron-ons, visors and tote bags!

Sponsorship tier breakdown



As a sponsor of your event, charity, or cause, we ask that MPWRD Disc Golf is promoted as a major sponsor in your promotions. Please include the MPWRD logo on all promotions such as fliers, advertisements, websites, merchandise, etc. 

Interested in having MPWRD Disc Golf sponsor your event?


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