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Disc Golf League

Make a difference by becoming a Community Leader. Start a league in your local area, providing others the opportunity to build friendships and improve their skills.

Disc Golf League Guide

Starting a disc golf league is hard work, but if you have a passion for growing disc golf, then we need you!


Here are some resources to help get you started and keep you motivated! 




Promote your league using word of mouth, flyers, business cards, and social media!

Here are some resources to help reach other women in our sport! 





Once your league is up and running, the next mission is to continue to grow your league by gaining new members and more importantly retaining existing members! 


Check out this resources! 



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There might already be a league near you!

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Starting A

Disc Golf League


Starting a league is hard work! It requires time and dedication, but if you have a passion for teaching others about disc golf then you can do this!

Start by...

  • Getting Advice

    • Off to a great start! Do your research. Seek advice from other leaders with experience hosting disc golf leagues.

  • Decide between a WEEKLY or a MONTHLY

    • Remember to consider how much time you can dedicate to the league. Consider having a partner to share the time commitment! 

  • Choose a Day/Time​

    • On average leagues take place weeknights or weekend mornings. Consider typical work schedules and your own consistent availability.

  • Choose a Location 

    • Location Location Location! If you're lucky you have multiple options. Choose a beginner-friendly course, typically a shorter one with possible birdie holes for intermediate players. If options are limited, consider manipulating the teepad placements and only playing 9 holes.

  • Obtain Permits / Permission

    • Contact the local club or the Parks and Recreation office to obtain any necessary permits or permission to utilize your desired course. Keep in mind there might be a monetary charge to reserve the course depending on whether you are charging a league fee.

  • Will you be charging a league fee?

    • In most towns the interest in a women's league is small. It can take time to build consistent attendance so we recommend starting your league without a fee. Perhaps an optional $1 Ace Pot. If you're fortunate to live in an area where you see multiple women out on the course then you'll have a better chance to grow a league that does charge. You can always adjust depending on attendance. 

  • Now for the FUN! Choosing a Name & Promoting the league!     



Word of Mouth

Never underestimate the power of Word of Mouth! Now its mostly done on social media, but still effective and free! Ask your members, local club and friends to spread the word about your new disc golf league!

Custom Email

Create an email for your league. This offers another option for communication and its free! You can develop an email list of your members to send reminders of disc golf league dates or other events going on.  

Web page

If you could, wouldn't you? Having a webpage to describe your disc golf league, have a list of events, contact info, and to sell any league merchandise is ideal! 

We are collaberating with leagues to set up free webpages on our website! Contact us if your league could use a free webpage! 


Did you know the PDGA has a list of Women's Disc Golf Clubs and Leagues? 

Get yours listed for free by filling out their form!


There are several disc golf podcasts that would be happy to have you on to promote your disc golf league! Including Ladies of the Chains. 


If you are interested in being on a podcast, contact the host for information on how to be on their podcast!

Social media

Social Media is where it's at! Find new members, promote your disc golf league, and share pictures and videos of all the fun!

Create a Facebook group and share it on other disc golf women pages. Like discgolf4women!

business cards

Surprisingly useful! Whenever you see another woman out on the disc golf course it is easy to hand over a business card with your league's social media pages, email, and webpage!


There are several options for having business cards printed. We can also help with the design! Contact us! 


Flyers can help you reach those who might not be active on social media. Post them at your local courses, disc golf or sports shops, and hand out at club meetings.

If you are a PDGA member they have benefits that can be helpful in reducing printing costs at Office Depot!


Growing YOUR



Easier Said than Done!

Starting a disc golf league is hard work and it will not always be an instant success. Here are a few tips and if you have any to share let us know! When Women Empower Women anything is possible!

Most Fun Wins!

Keep It Casual! 

  • Create a fun and welcoming environment by encouraging a focus on personal growth.

  • Focus on teaching PDGA rules, not enforcing them!

  • Consider allowing the use of Mulligan, especially for any newcomers!

  • Regardless of attendance stay committed! Continue to hold league every week as planned!

  • Celebrate weekly score improvement on social media. Keep the excitement going even off the course!

Ignite the Flame!

Disc Golf


One of the great things about disc golf is that it can be recreational or competitive. Consider having side games to ignite the flame of competition for those who seek it.

  • Optional $1 Ace Pot

  • Reward for 'Most Improved'

  • Closest to the Pin 'CTP'

  • Furthest Putt

  • Raffle ticket for each league attended and/or new member brought to league



Who doesn't like rewards!? Rewards serve as a good motivation to keep members coming back.

  • Ask Local Businesses for Donations

  • Ask disc golf companies for sponsorship

  • Inquire if your local club might be willing to donate club swag

  • Ask if any league members have discs or swag they do not want

Think Outside the Box!

Get creative!

Your league might be the first introduction to the world of competitive disc golf for some of your members. Consider mixing things up every once in a while.

  • Doubles Rounds

  • Traveling League

  • Putting Competition

  • Find members who might want to help run league

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