Slow Motion Disc Golf began researching Disc Golf throwing mechanics in early 2013 in the Humboldt State University state of the art Biomechanics lab. Our research is directed towards understanding throwing mechanics through scientific detailed analysis of the "5 Phases of Movement". The purpose of our research is to create a normative data base for throwing mechanics with the purpose of improving performance and preventing injuries for players of all abilities. This research will provide a visual representation that will help disc golfers become aware of their movements, leading to improve performance and injury prevention.

Our research began by developing the "5 Phases of Movement". The "5 Phases of Movement"  are initial foot contact, cross step, reach back, hit point and follow through.  


We now provide a frame by frame analysis of the "5 Phases of Movement" and are working on collecting data from disc golfers to develop normative data. This normative data will be utilized to develop standards of throwing mechanics in order to improve performance and prevent injuries for disc golf players of all levels. 

We are always looking for collaborators to help us move forward. If you are interested in assisting us further the sport of disc golf through sport science please contact us at!

Team Member: Kelly Muth - First Analysis of a putt.