Gathering Normative Data
Creating normative data for joint angles at the "5 Phases of Movement" with the goal of improving performance and preventing injuries.
The "5 Phases of Movement" include the Initial Foot Contact, Cross Step, Reach Back, Hit Point and Follow Through. 
We are currently working to collect data from disc golf players in order to develop normative data. If interested in assisting please email us at
Services In Development

Real Time Joint tracking, The ability to live track joints throughout a throw.

Hand velocity tracking, The ability to detect hand velocity at different points of a throw.

Creating a Team

Bringing together performance focused players from different skill levels with the aim at improving their performance and help them make the jump to the next level.  

This team is also set up to help promote our research in the hopes to further the sport of disc golf through the use of sport science.

Forming partnerships with production and manufacturing companies to help grow the sport through sport science. 
Interested in becoming a partner? Contact us at