Driven by Driven Women

Empowered Disc Golf's mission is to empower women to recreate what it is

they can be, do, and achieve within our sport.

We believe that men's side of Disc Golf is vastly larger, not because they have more touring Professionals, but because they have more Community Service Leaders. Rather than competing they prefer to host tournaments, to lead leagues, schedule clinics, own disc golf shops, create online content, etc. 

Our goal is to inspire more women to take on these roles by creating a supportive online women's community of leaders and through content creation and sharing.


Alexsandra Chavez


Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 4.25.39 PM.png

Summer Sun

Creative Lead

Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 12.22.25 PM.png

Nikki Wyatt

Artisan Lead

sierradiscgolf - sierra buford.jpeg

Sierra Buford

Catalyst Crew Captain