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Howdy y'all! I was born and raised in Texas - and still live here. (Hard to leave when you have well over 25+ courses within an hour drive!) I was introduced to disc golf in 2013 - even though I lived right down the street from the oldest course in Dallas/Fort Worth my entire life. (Fritz Park) Coming from an athletic background growing up, I have always loved any type of competitive sport. But disc golf was very unique to me for many reasons. It is a solo sport, but you can always count on your disc golf family to be there for you - on or off the course. Plus, I live for being outdoors! Disc golf is the perfect way to get out in nature, exercise, learn more about your mental state, and learn life lessons along the way. Since I started playing tournaments in 2019, I immediately felt like I found where I belonged. I started really digging my heels in the scene once COVID hit in 2020 and even played in 29 tournaments from July to December. I may not win every tournament, but I always try and have fun and appreciate the fact that I'm usually somewhere new, doing what I love, with people I love! :) I recently made the transition from FA1 to FPO after this year's Am Worlds tournament, so keep an eye out for my upcoming events! I'm looking forward to learning so so much in the coming years from other ladies. With the support of MPWRD as well as Dynamic Discs Carrollton, I look forward to growing the sport (especially for us ladies!) anywhere I can and by taking the lead in my own community. I'm so blessed and excited to represent these amazing brands in 2022!

In the Bag

  • Ballista Pro (x2)

  • Maverick

  • Sapphire

  • Queen

  • Destiny

  • Felon

  •  Truth

  • Justice

  • Suspect

  • Judge

  • Pure

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