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Hey ya'll!
My name is Karina Calvillo! I was born & raised in Chicago, IL and moved to Indianapolis, IN in 2020 where my love for disc golf took off! Since then I have been dedicated to growing everyday in my own skills and growing the sport here in Indy! I am founder and co-president of the Chicks Chasing Chains-Indianapolis Women's DG League and the founder of a 3rd-8th disc golf club at the school I teach at! I am so excited to represent the MPWRD team and continue my journey through disc golf. 

In the Bag

  • Drivers:

    • Innova Champion Boss

    • Innova Champion Beast

    • Innova Champion Firebird

    • Tour Series Nate Sexton Firebird

    • Innova Star Destroyer

    • Innova Star Invictus

    • Discraft Avenger SS

  • Fairways:

    • Tour Series Maria Oliva T3

    • Innova Champion

    • Sidewinder

    • Discmania Essence

    • MVP Amp

  • Midranges:

    • Discmania MD2

    • Discmania Origin 

    • Innova Star Mako 3

  • Putt & Approach

    • Innova Kona- Shredz

    • Stamped Pig

    • Innova Luster Invader

    • Discraft Crystal Flex Zone

    • Disccraft ESP

    • Jawbreaker Fierce

  • Putter (Main)

    • Innova DX Invader

  • Accessories:

    • Collectable pro touring PINS

    • Indy Disc Supply Towel

    • Wooden & Aluminum Star Wars themed Minis

    • Good ol' Creations Star wars ChalkCatz

    • Disc Claw Disc Retriever

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