The 5 Phases of Movement provides a visual representation of throwing mechanics that will help disc golfers analyze their game by becoming aware of their movements, leading to improved performance and injury prevention.

1. Initial foot contact

This is the first time your lead foot touches the ground while moving linearly towards the front of the teepad.

2. Cross step

This is when the power foot (back foot) accepts weight and the beginning of weight transfer begins.

3. reach back

This is when the throwing arm reaches the furthest point while reaching back and the hips are engaged.

4. hit point

In this phase weight is shifting from power foot to lead foot, hips begin exploding forward, the elbow is around 90 degrees, with torso rotating.

5. follow through

This is the point after disc is released and body rotates forward.

Count it out!

Practice the routine. Phase 1, Phase 2,

Phase 3, Phase 4, Phase 5.