Join the MPWRD disc review squad!

MPWRD Disc Review Squad

We are firm believers that there can never be enough Women Focused media, especially in disc golf! In order to imagine ourselves playing disc golf, winning tournaments, hosting ladies leagues or growing the sport we need role models! The easiest way to do that in this current age of the internet is through content creation! 

Join us in growing Women's Disc Golf through Creation!

The goal of the Disc Review Squad is to Inspire and Inform.

We want to empower Women in disc golf to create content.

 It might take us 30 takes to feel comfortable with the clip,

but it's worth it if it inspires other women to go out and do 'it' themselves! Whatever 'it' might be!

Because, again, there can never be enough Women Focused media! 

Send us your Disc Reviews and Join our Squad!


Record a vid

Record a 30 second - 3 minutes MAX video stating:

1] Name

2] PDGA # (Optional)

3] Disc (Plastic & Weight)

4] What line or hole would you use this disc for?

Include a clip of you throwing the disc if you're able!

(Horizontal or Vertical Orientation works!)

Examples below or on our IGTV @EmpoweredDiscGolf!


Send us the vid!

Once your video is ready send it to us to promote!

Email us!


Upload to Instagram & Tag @EmpoweredDiscGolf

so we need we can Repost!

Posted: Video Clips will be posted on

Empowered's Profile and/or IGTV! 


Record next vid

It would be impossible for us to test out

every disc out there! Let us know your thoughts on the discs you have, otherwise we'll never how discs fly for women with similar arm speeds.

Send us disc reviews whenever you have one ready. Of ANY discs! We'll share it to our Instagram profile or IGTV

Here is an example of a quick disc review of the Prodigy F3 in 400g plastic. You can include a clip of you throwing if you'd like. Or you can be at the specific hole you'd use that disc for! No official requirements on video quality. We want to hear from you!