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Dani Kleidon

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Hi! My name is Dani and I'm from San Jose, CA. I’ve played competitive sports my whole life but never truly had a passion until I found disc golf. I was instantly hooked after playing my very first round in October 2019. Disc golf combines my love for sports, competition, and being in the outdoors. I started competing in late 2020 and played in over 20 tournaments in 2021. After spending just the first half of the year in FA1, I moved up to FPO and believe I can compete with the best players in this sport. So, I'm thrilled to announce that I’ll be touring this season. Your support and encouragement would mean a lot to me as I try to make a name for myself. I’m hoping to encourage others along the way, especially those in the LGBTQ+ community who may not feel seen at the highest level of disc golf.

I am proudly sponsored by Kastaplast and Hyzer Flop Disc Golf. Make sure to checkout Kastaplast’s incredible line of discs and Hyzer Flop’s great deals on a variety of brands!

In the Bag


  • Berg (K1 soft, K1)

  • Reko (K3, K3 hard, K1 soft, K1)

  • Gote (K1)

  • Svea (K1)

  • Kaxe Z (K1) x2

  • Kaxe (K2, K1)

  • Falk (K1)

  • Lots (K1) x3

  • Stal (K1)

  • Grym (K1) x2

  • Grym X (K1) x3

  • Flight towel for warm-ups

  • Whale sac

  • Kastaplast towel

  • Mini Berg mini marker

  • GRIPeq bag (AX5 turquoise/grey)

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