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Whether you're a new player or a new leader, Empowered is here for you! Check out our 'Why Disc Golf?' series. Learn from women in our sport why they fell in love with disc golf and how they choose to participate.


There are many ways to participate in disc golf. Rather than competing we need female disc golfers who prefer to host tournaments, to lead leagues, schedule clinics, own disc golf shops, create online content, etc. Bring your skills or other passions into our disc golf community!

What is Disc Golf?

Disc golf is a flying disc sport that takes you on outdoor adventures. Players throw a disc at a basket with the goal of making it into the basket in the least throws possible. Rules are similar to golf. 

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Host a Clinic

There is always run for improvement! Clinics are an excellent way to introduce disc golf to beginners and for experienced players to gain new tips. Learn why Meridith, MPWRD Catalyst, continues to play disc golf and about her first experience hosting a clinic.

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Start a Disc Golf League

Disc golf leagues are the best way to build a community that strives to push each other to have fun and develop your skills. Learn why Nikki, Founder of Chicks Chasing Chains, continues to play DG and How you can go about starting your own Disc Golf League!

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Host a Women's Global Event!

A women's global event is an easy way to host your first tournament! You'll receive support from all around the world! Learn why Sierra, PDGA Women's Committee member, continues to player disc golf and how to go about hosting your first women's global event!

Compete in a Tournament

Gabi, Owner of Pixie Mud and the 2021 USWDGC Novice Champion, joined me to discuss why she continues to play disc golf and how we can start to prepare to compete in the next USWDGC!

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