Slow Motion Disc Golf  is the first analytical research company providing throwing analysis to disc golf players of all abilities and skill levels. Our company  is dedicated to growing the sport of Disc Golf through meta analysis of throwing mechanics to increase performance and prevent injury. 

Slow Motion Disc Golf was born in early 2013 while Founder Diego Alvarado was obtaining his Master's. It began with researching  ball golf, tennis, and baseball swing mechanics, allowing for the creation of  disc golf throw mechanics broken down into the "5 Phases of Movement".  This initial breakdown lead to a full blown analysis at the HSU state of the art biomechanics laboratory. The rest is history. Let us Analyze Your Game.

Diego Alvarado, M.S.
Co-Founder and Analyst

Graduate from Humboldt State University with a Masters in Kinesiology and an emphasis in Biomechanics. Current PDGA member #64596 and Advance competitor. Diego has experience developing the disc golf club at Humboldt State University, coaching the disc golf team, teaching an elective disc golf course at Humboldt State University and is certified as a Youth Disc Golf Coach. Diego also has years of research experience and a passion for developing the sport of disc golf.

Alexsandra Chavez

Graduate from Humboldt State University with a Bachelor's in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and a minor in Public Relations. Recreational competitor. Alexsandra has held internships and management positions with the Small Business Development Center, Humboldt State University, Walgreens, Humboldt Petroleum and Enterprise Holdings.


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